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"Who Else Wants to Quit Smoking
Without the Use of Pills, Patches,
Gum, or Sprays…Using a Solution
With a 98% Success Rate?

Now YOU can kick The Habit For Good In Just 38 Minutes & 13 Seconds...Guaranteed Without Will Power, Spending Thousands, or Any Effort on Your Part!"

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From: Rob Mellor
Date: 04 April 2010

Dear soon to be Ex Smoker

Do YOU or someone you love have a smoking problem?

Do you feel like you’ve given every ounce of energy that you possibly had in attempts to beat this disease only resulting in complete and utter failure just like over 99% of smokers do?

Do not become discouraged because YOU do have hope.

We feel your pain and we honestly know exactly how frustrating it can be to want to rid yourself of this nasty, dangerous, highly unattractive, yet widely spread bad habit that will eventually land you in the hospital or even worse, the MORGUE!

Here’s YOUR problem. You flat out lack the will power to quit on your own.

What if there was a 100% guaranteed solution that would allow for you to quit smoking permanently without any effort on your part literally in just 38 minutes and 13 seconds per day while you lie care free in your comfy bed?

Imagine how it would feel to have the burden of this addiction lifted off of your shoulders allowing you to literally take full control of your cravings and need for nicotine by re-programming your brain back to normal?

Now you don't need the ability to quit those evil life draining cancer sticks!

I'm Going To Take The WILL Out Of Will
Power, So You Are Just Left With The
POWER To Quit Smoking!

My name is Rob Mellor and I am the founder of Quit Smoking Today. Thank you for taking the time to read the message...YOU WILL BE THANKFUL YOU DID!

Here’s a disturbing fact:

Believe it or not, but 9/10 smokers won’t give quitting a 100% honest effort simply because its been instilled in there heads that smoking is not only very difficult, but nearly impossible. Do you believe it’s difficult to quit smoking?

If you answered YES, you couldn’t be more incorrect! Although using the wrong approach in attempts to quit smoking is very frustrating and unrealistic, with the right solution, it’s like taking candy from a napping new born baby.

Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place because I’ve got your solution!

"How can I be so sure that I’ll cure you? Simple,
Introducing Quit Smoking Today!"

Simple, I am an expert in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming). NLP is a form of psychotherapy which I have applied to help people like you, to stop smoking.

Quit Smoking Today is perhaps the most revolutionary recording designed to help you quit smoking of all time. My program is very simple to use. All you have to do it download the file onto your MP3 player or CD and you'll be on your way to a smoke free future!

I have extensively tested this recording on over 5,000 smokers.

The results were outstanding with a success rate of 99.7% of the smokers I tested managed to Quit Smoking for at least 1 month, with just listening to the recording once!

Successfully 97.2% of the original 5000 have not smoked for over 6 months, since the test started.

Is “Quit Smoking Today” Right for YOU?
Well, Here Are Your Alternatives:

 One on One Therapy – This option is pretty common and it’s also very expensive and almost completely ineffective. No matter how many times someone simply “Ask” or even if they “Tell” you to quit smoking, it’s never going to happen.

 Support Groups – Come on folks. Do you honestly believe that sitting around telling one another about your favorite past times as a smoker twice a day for the rest of your life is going to help you quit? Realistically, this will do nothing more than force you to think about smoking again 24/7.

 The Patch – Patches do nothing more, but attempt to wean you off of the nicotine by feeding you small doses around the clock. The problem is that these very EXPENSIVE patches will never rid your addiction. It simply suppresses the symptoms. In the end, you’ll always struggle with this disease.

 The Gum – The gum is very similar to the patch. It gives you little by little blindly hoping that it some how miraculously cures your addiction. This is no different from taking an OTC cold medication. Sure it will lessen the symptoms short term, but this is not the long term cure, and it’s also very expensive as well.

 Artificial Smoking Devices – Artificial smoking devices are very inexpensive and pose no known health risks or side effects. The problem with these devices is that once again it does not “Cure” the addiction. Using one of these devices will have you battling this problem forever.

The Quit Smoking Today program is without doubt the easiest, cheapest, and most effective way available to kick those evil cancer sticks out of your life for good with absolutely NO negative side effects!

What Will  Our Program do for YOU?

 STOP Cravings – It is very frustrating to constantly crave everything about these dirty cigarettes. Quit Smoking Today will take the "Will" out of "Will Power" leaving you only with the “Power” to quit without cravings!

 STOP Short Tempers – Many people that are able to quit smoking either cold turkey or using one of the many other less effective solutions out there become very irritable and difficult to be around, but not with our program.

 STOP Excessive Hunger – Don’t be a statistic! Out of those select few that are able to quit smoking as a result of one of those gums, pills, patches, potion, or anything similar, the majority of them eat uncontrollably! With Quit Smoking Today, your appetite and want for food will remain normal.

 STOP Weight Gain – Trading in a smoking problem for obesity is absolutely NOT the solution to your dilemma. If done correctly using our NLP techniques, quitting smoking will play no role in significant weight gain.

 STOP Usual Urges – Most of the time that we are actually “Addicted” to many of the bad habits that we have. Most of the time, we are just very used to a normal routine such as smoking after meals, when we get in the car, on our break, etc. Whether you’re chemically dependent on this addiction or not, Quit Smoking Today will cure you of your bad habit and chemical urges.

 STOP Depression & Mood Swings – Let’s be honest. Is it even totally worth quitting smoking if you’re constantly having uncontrollably severe mood swings for the rest of your life leaving you stuck in an almost untreatable deep state of depression? Relax, Quit Smoking Today is so successful because it overcomes your desire to light up.

Listen, If You Want To Quit Smoking
Without Using "Will Power" Or
Experiencing Any Cravings What-So-Ever,
Without Any Effort on Your Part While
Spending Less Money Than You’ve Imagined,
Then Our  Program Is The
Answer You're Looking For.

The Quit Smoking Today program is 100% guaranteed to work for you just as it has for many more than 4,700+ others in the past 12 months who have now quit smoking for good. Read some of the testimonials people have sent to me to express their gratitude for helping them kick the habit once and for all!


"Stopped Smoking & Feeling Healthier Already"

"I give your system a 10/10 and your customer support another 10/10.

I wanted to give it ago after reading your website but I didn't like the idea of ordering over the internet.

After speaking with you I decided to go for it and I'm very glad I did as the ordering was trouble free and your step by step instructions were excellent.

I have stopped smoking now and I am already feeling a lot healthier. I can not thank you enough"

Doug Florida 

 Doug Radford,
 Florida, USA


"This is a Clear Winner,
I Quit In 7 Days"

"The 'Quit Smoking Today' system is just excellent and does exactly what it says.

I didn't believe it at first as I've tried the patches and gums but after quitting smoking myself using this program I'm more than happy to shout from the roof top that this is a clear winner for anyone who wants to stop smoking quick and easily"

Stephen California  

 Stephen Lewis,
 California, USA



"Quit After 8 Years Smoking"

"After starting smoking at the age of 15 I've tried a couple of times to stop but I've never been successful. 8 years later and I'd given up hope. That was until I came to your website.

Well here it is...

I followed your system and have totally quit now for a month which is the longest in 8 years I've been smoke free. If I can do this then anyone can.

Thank you for your system and support"

Mark Edwards
San Diego, CA


"Your System Makes It Easy"

"Your 'Quit Smoking Today' program is great and has worked for both me and my husband. I'm trying to get pregnant so we both knew we had to stop but we had no idea how easy your system would make it.

Thank you so much for your help"

Natasha London 

 Natasha Roberts,
  London, UK



The Quit Smoking Today program helps you quit smoking in as little as 38 minutes & 13 seconds from now! I guarantee that you will achieve success without any of the associated burdens that other quit smoking methods will bring:

You will not have to spend hundreds buying medication and pills

You will not suffer from anxiety when you quit

You will not need to set a "quit date"

You will not have to avoid social occassions for fear of a relapse

You will not have to follow any special diet or take any supplements

You will not suffer from hunger - there will be no weight gain

You will not need to prepare a "smokers diary" or do any preparation work

You will not have to chew gum or wear any patches

You will not have to exercise any more than you normally do

You will not need any so called "will power"

You will not suffer any sense of loss

You will not crave those evil cancer sticks anymore!


That's right! It really is that easy when you have the right tools you need to give up smoking forever. Just think ...you only need to spend around 40 minutes listening to Quit Smoking Today and you'll start improving your health from day one.

By Acting Now And Choosing The Quit Smoking
Today Program You Have Singled Yourself Out
From The Dummies And Know It's Time To Get
The Help You Want And Need!


Here are just a few of the great benefits you will gain from using the Quit Smoking Today program...

Within 20 minutes of stopping smoking your blood pressure, pulse rate and body temperature return to normal

Within 8 hours the carbon monoxide level in your blood returns to normal and your smokers breath begins to disappear

Within 3 days your chance of having a heart attack decreases and your nerve endings begin to redevelop. Your ability to smell and taste improves dramatically. Breathing also becomes easier.

Within 2 months your circulation improves. Lungs become cleaner which reduces chance of infection. Your smokers cough improves and fatigue is reduced giving you more energy.

After one year your chances of having a heart attack is reduced by half. The chances of getting cancer is also reduced.

After 10 years your risk of having a heart attack or stroke is the same as someone who has never smoked

Quitting smoking before the age of 30 eradicates the effects of smoking on your health in later life

You become a role model to your children, grand children, friends and family

You save thousands every year to spend on holidays and other luxuries you couldn't afford before

Quitting smoking stops your hard earned cash from lining the government and tobacco companies pockets - whilst they knowingly let you die from terminal illness!

Quitting smoking gives you decades more time to spend with your family and friends to enjoy life

I'm sure you know how bad smoking is for you. After all that is why you are here reading this important message right?

It's never too late to quit smoking. You're no doubt fed up of failing time and time again by using useless products that only take your hard earned cash and don't live up to all there hype right?

I want to help you Quit Smoking in a way that is going to make it genuinely possible for you to do so...and that is what the Quit Smoking Today program does.

That Is Why This Exact Method Is Used Successfully
By Psychotherapists All Over The World To Help
People Just Like You Kick The Habit For Good!


"Going To Hawaii With The Money I've Saved"

"I just wanted to take the time to thank you for helping me stop smoking after 5 years. I think your program is brilliant because it is a total package and still remains cheaper than anything else. I'm very glad I tried your system as I'm going to go on a well deserved holiday to Hawaii with the money I'm already saving. Thanks again"

Jeff O'Brien
Dublin, Ireland


"Easiest & Best Way To Quit Smoking"

"Thank you, I've finally quit smoking after 23 years of smoking and it's all a result of your system. I've tried a few things before and have to say yours is the easiest and best way to quit smoking"

Linda Jenson
New Zealand


Quit Smoking Today is the Most Effective Program
on the Market Without the Side Effects!

You will not need any nicotine replacement therapy (which fails repeatedly as it only has a slightly higher success rate than cold turkey! Not to mention it costs even more then cigaretes).

No aversion therapy is required such as chain smoking or the use of silver acetate sprays

You will not need to drink water constantly to suppress your cravings - you will not crave cigarettes anymore!

You will not use any drugs or pills to assist you and put your health at risk.

You will not have to read any books on how to stop smoking - you will stop using the Quit Smoking Today program!

You will not need to spend anymore money on other products!

Just sign up to the Quit Smoking Today program below and enjoy the benefits that quitting smoking brings.

If that's not enough then for today only you will receive a massive 75% discount off the retail price of $200.00

That means for today and possibly today ONLY, you will pay only $47!

Plus I guarantee you will quit smoking permanently just like 97.2% ex smokers have before you. If you fall into the 2.8% that don't succeed then I will gladly refund your money immediately as per my 100% Money Back Guarantee below.

Guarantee Img1

If you’re unsatisfied at all for any reason, I’ll even let you keep the full system as a thank you for placing your time and trust in this proven system.

You've got nothing to lose by taking the 'Quit Smoking Today' program for a test drive for 8 weeks as if you don't stop smoking you don't pay a single cent.

I'm leaving you absolutely no reason to not quit smoking, but to make sure you do it today. If not for your own reasons and health, please use Quit Smoking Today on behalf of your friends and loved ones.

For them to see you suffering facing death with one of the dozens of deadly smoking related diseases would be a burden that I wouldn’t wish even on my worst enemy.


I'm Going To Throw In These 10 Incredible Bonuses Worth $291.64 Absolutely FREE!

I paid a lot of money for the right to offer you these great bonuses.
Why? Because Quitting Smoking is only the first step on the way
to healthy lifestyle. And with these bonuses you can accomplish
so much more. You can not only Quit Smoking, but change
your life and feel much healthier and happier.

Free Bonus One - Stop Smoking Therapy Session ($67.77 Value)

  To have a session with a professional therapist it would cost you any where around $200 and you may even have to go back a few times. Before you know it, you've got a bill for hundreds of dollars. I'm going to make sure that doesn't happen as I'm giving you this amazing transcript of a top of the range therapist session to go through any time you want. You will find this very helpful when quitting.
($67.77 Value) Yours absolutely FREE.

Free Bonus Two - 30 Days To Lower Cholesterol ($4.95 Value)

Bonus1 cholesterol Reversing rising cholesterol levels can be done safely, quickly, and painlessly if you know what you're doing. You don't have to spend your life concentrating on what will or will not raise your cholesterol levels. All it takes is some solid, truthful information to put in the back of your mind when you go through life. Then you can balance your cholesterol levels faster than you thought possible.
($4.95 Value) Yours absolutely FREE.

Free Bonus Three - A Healthier You ($7.95 Value)

Bonus2 Healthier You In todays world we need our health. Sometimes its all we have. Are you as healthy as you could be? I would be willing to bet that you arent. Dont worry though because with this eBook you will be able to have a healthier lifestyle and live longer! Find out just how easy you can live a healthier life!
($7.95 Value) Yours absolutely FREE.

Free Bonus Four - Living a Healthy Lifestyle ($16 Value)

Bonus3 Living A Healthy Lifestyle Great collection of Healthy Lifestyle Tips!
($16.00 Value) Yours absolutely FREE.

Free Bonus Five - Emotion Control ($37 Value)

Bonus4 Emotion Control Do you feel sometimes that you are not in control of your emotions? Do you feel that being in control of your emotions sometimes would change the outcome of events within your life? Be the Master of your emotions. This large 146 pages Ebook will help with great advice.($37.00 Value) Yours absolutely FREE.

Free Bonus Six - Herbal Cures ($19.97 Value)

Bonus5 Herbal Cures We live in the times when Health Care is very expensive and its not promissing to get better any time soon. But the fact is, there are alternative ways to cure and prevent diseases and sicknesses. All natural, non-drug and non-surgical ways. Discover a wide selection of alternatives to traditional expensive medicine in this guide. And save yourself even more money.
($19.97 Value) Yours absolutely FREE.

Free Bonus Seven - Eliminate Stress And Anxiety ($17 Value)

Bonus6 Stress And Anxiety There many books out there that can help you deal with stress and anxiety. But most of them are written from a one person perspective. With this book, you get a comprehensive guide to dealing with stress, anxiety and the pressures of life that keep you from being happy. You’re not just getting one perspective; you’re getting more than 10!
($17.00 Value) Yours absolutely FREE.

Free Bonus Eight - Detox Diet Plan ($37 Value)

Bonus7 Detox Diet Plan Lets face it, Smoking has left your body cluttered with substances you'd be happy to get rid of. Using A Detox Diet Plan Can Help Maximize Your Health, Reduce Your Weight, And Help You Feel More Energetic And Rested! The truth, as far as getting body detox from a clinic or even from a spa goes, is that it will end up costing you a lot money. Possibly a thousand dollars. But you don't have to spend a thousand dollars if you follow these simple guidelines in your diet. Yet another money saver!
($37.00 Value) Yours absolutely FREE.

Free Bonus Nine - Vibrant Health Audios ($47 Value)

Bonus8 Vibrant Health Audios You're about to learn the secrets uncovered by someone that has been living in insanely vibrant health for well over a decade! In fact, he hasn't even had a headache for well over a ten years and it's really only due to a simple understanding of what we now call the "Secret Health Factor". Simple concepts laid out in this new book, and, once you "get it", nothing can stop you from experiencing exactly what we do every day of our lives. A Set of 49 Audio tracks and an accompanying ebook that you can listen and read any time.
($47.00 Value) Yours absolutely FREE.

Free Bonus Ten - Your Guide to Healthy Eating ($27 Value)

Bonus9 Your Guide to Healthy Eating Because you've smoked your body is most likely not the healthiest it could be so instead of you buying some separate information on how to lose weight and be more healthy I'm going to throw in yet one more complimentary bonus to sweaten the deal.
($27.00 Value) Yours absolutely FREE.

But these bonuses may not be available for long and I may take them down any day now. However if you order the 'Quit Smoking Today' System now I'm going to guarantee you'll get a copy of all these impressive bonuses but if you wait until tomorrow they may be gone.

So what are you waiting for...

Isn't is about time you stopped smoking ?

Don't wait or give this any second thought. Do it NOW while it's fresh on your mind. Plus, as an extra incentive, I've included some great bonuses that might not be here if you close this window now and come back a few days later.

Don't wait another second!


No Risk Acceptance Form

Yes Rob, I want to quit smoking for good in as little as 38 minutes and 13 seconds without any painstaking work or cravings to fight.

I also want to guarantee that I get the bonuses totally free by ordering today.

I realise that if I leave this offer, the price may increase and the bonuses may get withdrawn so I want to place my order right now through a secure server and receive instant instructions on how to download 'Quit Smoking Today' along with the bonuses.

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Robert Mellor
The Quit Smoking Expert

PS. Remember, I guarantee your success with my 60 day 100% of your money back guarantee

You know quitting smoking is the right thing to do, and I'm offering you an opportunity absolutely risk free. If you don't succeed, this program costs you nothing. But, you can't succeed if you don't get started. You may never have another opportunity so simple and easy to get you to quit smoking.

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PPS. It's important you order right now to guarantee you receive all of the incredible bonuses worth $291.64. Don't wait another minute, Quit Smoking Today !

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